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To enable you to get your bearings and to get the most out of your time in Beijing, Beijing Travel Tips (TM) is building a comprehensive suite of online maps and mapping tools.  We hope they will appeal to the 3 day tourist as well as people who are living in Beijing right now.

Online Beijing Maps available now

We are in the process of building the best suite of Beijing maps you can possibly imagine, but for now, please choose from the following options:

China Country and Neighbors Map

Beijing China

Where in the world is Beijing ?  What countries surround China ? View this map for the surprising answers ... Full details ...

Beijing Municipality Map including Great Wall locations

Beijing is a large city in the center of a special region called Beijing Municipality.  This region is made up of many large districts.  View the map to learn more ...  Full details ...

Beijing Greater City Area Suburbs  Map

On the outskirts of Beijing as it is today, there are many suburbs which are beginning to take on their own life. Which ones should you know about ? ... Full details ...

Beijing Tourist Trail Map

Beijing Travel Tips (TM) has outlined a few must see tourist attractions.  Find out their rough locations here ... Full details ...

Beijing Shopping Highlights Map

Beijing Travel Tips (TM) has mentioned many places to go shopping in Beijing.  Find out their rough locations here ... Full details ...

Beijing Subway Map

Beijing Travel Tips (TM) has put together a glossy Beijing Subway Map for printing or use as a desktop background. Get it here ... Full details ...


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